IGBT ApplicationsĀ 

Applications of IGBT
Applications of IGBT

IGBT had a full form of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor and it had an insulated gate.

The construction of IBGTs is a combination of BJT, FET, and MOSFET, technical details of each of these transistor devices combined to form the IGBT device.

The IGBTs are used mostly for high-speed switching applications like inverter, UPS, and switching mode power supplies.

Applications of IGBT

  • IGBTs are used at AC and DC motor drivers
  • IGBTs are used at uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system
  • IGBTs inverter system
  • IGBTs are used at SMPS
  • IGBTs used at traction motor control device
  • IGBTs are used at induction heaters
  • IGBTs are used at solar inverters
  • IGBTs used at speed controller drivers
  • IGBTs used at choppers
  • IGBTs are used in the power distribution system
  • IGBTs are used in the e-vehicle system
  • IGBTs are used in wind power plant
  • DC to AC conversion
  • DC to DC conversion

Explain the main application of IGBT

In this section we try to explain the main applications of IGBT, IGBT is the most advanced transistor type in electronics.

DC & AC motor driver

The DC & AC motor driver system based on IGBTs is the device used to control the running of motors.

Both DC and AC motors are capable of driving with IGBT-based systems, the IGBT motor driver system is a combination of different protection systems and current and voltage control systems.

The motor drivers are in two types, industrial motor drivers and project-based motor drivers.

UPS systems

IGBTs are used in UPS systems, we already mention that IGBTs are the most advanced semiconductor device.

This is why IGBTs have high power generation capacity and the highest switching speed.

At UPSs, the high switching capability of IGBT is been utilized to make UPS systems.

Inverter systems

The inversion or conversion of current are been done with the IGBT combination, the switching speed of IGBT will be used for the conversion.

SMPS circuit

In switching mode power supply IGBT have applications on its board, it has been used at different sections.

The high-speed switching operation of IGBT will be utilized at SMPS circuits, different sections such as PWM, high-speed switching, and converters.

Induction heaters

At induction heaters IGBT transistors will be used as the drivers, h-bridges are the circuit network made with IGBTs.

A combination of multiple IGBT-based h-bridges is used to make induction heaters.

E-vehicle systems

At E-vehicle systems, different conversions are needed, so on those system sections, IGBTs are used to make converters.

The DC to AC conversion and DC to DC conversion of power is been made with IGBT-based circuits.

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