Advantages of active filter

  • These filters are more responsive than passive filters
  • They had no resonance issues
  • It can eliminate any harmonics
  • They are been used for voltage regulation
  • Used for reactive power compensation
  • It will provide reliable operation
  • It can be designed to provide some passband and gain
  • They have no loading problem
  • Active filter using op-amp does not load the input load
  • It does not exhibit any insertion loss
  • It also allows for isolation control of input and output impedance
  • The components used in the active filter are smaller in size as compared to the passive filter.
  • Small components
  • Gain and frequency adjusting capability
  • It will cause leading power factor
  • It can install anywhere in the lineup
  • They provide reliable operation
active filter
active filter

Explain the main advantages of active filter

In this section we try to explain the advantages of an active filter, this will include some main properties of an active filter.

  1. The active filter is more response

The active is more responsive than the passive filter, they had better responsiveness on low frequencies and it is very sensitive to temperature rising than the passive filter.

  1. No resonance issues

The changes of frequency will not affect the active filter, this is because of the semiconductor material.

  1. Eliminate harmonics

The active filters will eliminate harmonics current, at non-linear load operation, the harmonics will affect the amplification, and here the active filters eliminate harmonic current.

  1. Voltage regulation

The active filter are been used for voltage regulation, serially connected active filters will work as the voltage regulator.

  1. Designed to provide passband and gain

The active filter is designed to provide passband and gain, these functions are important for wireless communication, the transmitter and receiver system needed both these functions.

Disadvantages of active filter   

  • It is expensive
  • It provides you with a complex control system
  • The active filter is only suitable for low or moderate frequencies
  • It cannot handle a large amount of power
  • It requires a DC power supply for their operation
  • This filter is limited in their frequency range

Explain the main disadvantages of active filter

In this section, we explain the main disadvantages of an active filter, the explanation includes properties of an active filter.

  1. Complex controlling system

The topology of the active filter is a little bit complex, this is due to the topology being a combination of active and passive components, different active filter is built in different combinations.

  1. Suitable for low or moderate frequencies

The active filter is suitable for low or moderate frequencies, higher frequency range is not affordable for active components.

The frequency range is been fixed for an active filter network, this is why they had very specific and limited applications.

  1. They need a separate power supply

The active filter needs a separate DC power supply for its operation, this is due to the active component needing a power supply to trigger it.

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