What is the meaning of 1N4007 Diode?

At electronic circuits, 1N400x diodes have importance, on applications such as rectification 1N400x diodes are used, but as an electronic learner, we always had a question that is about the name of the diode, 1N4001 to 1N4007 what the real meaning behind this name.

What is the meaning of IN4007 DIODE
What is the meaning of IN4007 DIODE



  • The ‘1N’ directly indicated that it is a P-N junction diode, which only has one single junction.
  • The ‘1’ had another indication that is IN4007 diode can only handle 1ampere of current.
  • ‘4007’ number indicates the specific serial number that from 4001, 4002…. to… 4007.
  • At this serial number ‘4007’, there is another indication that is the voltage rating.
  • For 1N4001 diode has 50v but for 1n4007 can have the ability to handle 1000v.
  • Each of the diodes in the 1N400x series has different voltage values.

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