What is a triode region in MOSFET?

In this article, we explain about MOSFET triode region, the MOSFET region of operation divided into three cutoff regions, linear region, and saturation region, normally we doubt where the triode region at the MOSFET operation is.

But the linear intermediate region and triode region are the same, generally, we call the linear region as Ohmic region and triode region, the term triode is because the drain current ID is at the MOSFET depends on the drain voltage of the MOSFET, which is similar to vacuum triodes.

Triode region of MOSFET

At the MOSFET operation drain to source voltage, VDS, and gate voltage VG has importance because, if the drain to source voltage VDS exceeds the gate voltage VG, on that situation MOSFET will get into saturation region.

MOSFET characteristics curve

MOSFET characteristics curve
MOSFET characteristics curve
  • The figure shows the characteristics curve of MOSFET, from the curve we can easily spot the MOSFET region operations separately.
  • When we comparing the different gate voltage VG, we can see that greater gate voltages produce a larger triode region before the saturation region.
  • The triode region current values increasing with proportional to higher VGS and Vt.

MOSFET triode region equation

MOSFET triode region equation
MOSFET triode region equation

From the figure, we have multiple pieces of information about triode and saturation region equations.

VDS ≤ VGS – Vt or VDS ≤ Vov

        VGD > Vt

        VDS < Vov

         ID = kn` (W/L) [(VGS-Vt) VDS – ½ V2 DS]

         ID = kn` (W/L) (Vov– ½ VDS) VDS

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